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Review the solutions below. If you're still having issues, please contact support.

Automatic Logout

Try adjusting your automatic logout time limit. If your account remains idle beyond the selected logout time limit, you will be logged out as a security precaution.

To adjust your automatic logout time limit, log back into your account, go to My Account -> My Account Settings, then select the appropriate option.

  • After 5 minutes of inactivity
    Suggested for shared computers.
  • After 20 minutes of inactivity
    Default for new users.
  • Never log me out automatically
    As long as you keep your browser window open, you will remain logged in. This option is not suggested when other people have access to your computer

Multiple Windows or Tabs

Have only one window or tab open to Timesheets.com at a time. If you have multiple screens open, then one of them might time-out causing you to be logged out. If you're logged out in one window, you'll also be logged out in any other open windows. Your next click will send you to the login page. Having only a single window or tab open to Timesheets.com will prevent this issue.

Firewall Settings

Try adjusting your anti-spyware or firewall settings.  Certain programs like ZoneAlarm® may be sensitive to the advanced features used by this website. Most firewall or anti-spyware software have settings to allow specific websites to run normally. Try the following:

  • Add this website to your firewall's list of trusted sites.
  • Make sure that your firewall application's protection level isn't set too high
    (if you're in "stealth" mode, our website may not be able to see you!)

It may be necessary for you to temporarily disable your firewall software to diagnose your issue. If so, please make sure to keep your virus protection enabled, and don't browse any other websites while your firewall software is disabled.


Make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Cookies are small files on your computer that help web sites like Timesheets.com remember who you are. Without a cookie file from our web site, Timesheets.com will forget all about you after each and every page is done loading. Therefore, without cookies you wouldn't be able to log-in since there would be no way for the web site to remember you.