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Each timestamp and expense record has its own audit trail accessible by clicking the plus sign to the left of the record on a user’s time or expenses sheet. Click the Audit Trail link to un-hide the audit trail for that record.

A record’s audit trail shows all prior iterations of a timestamp or expense entry. The original record is at the bottom of the audit trail. The ID column on the left side of the audit trial will show this record with ID of 1. Any time a change is made to the record, a new row is created at the top of the audit trail. In order to identify exactly what changed from one iteration of a record to the next, look for the yellow highlighted cells in each row in the table. The changes between iterations of a timestamp or expense record are highlighted in yellow to help you identify what changed. The user who changed the record and the time and date of the change are shown at the right.

When a user requests a change on their timesheet, the request is also captured in the audit trail. If a user has made a request, you’ll be able to see it by Clicking Audit Trail for the record and then clicking the Show Employee Requests link above the table. If the link to Show Employee Requests is not present next to the Audit Trail link, then the user has not requested any changes to that record.