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Timesheets.com is DCAA compliant!

Clients are reminded that DCAA compliance is much more than just a compliant timekeeping software tool. Compliance requires an adequate policy and internal controls as well as adequate time keeping practices. Our online timekeeping software is a highly flexible application that must be set correctly to conform with DCAA compliance requirements. In order to comply with DCAA requirements, we recommend you adhere to the following settings within your account.

  1. Use the Manual Entry Cutoff date feature to control past and future time entries. (Setup Wizard -> Security tab)
  2. Enable the Automatic Password Update Requirement option. (Setup Wizard -> Security tab)
  3. Require supervisor approval for manually entered time. (Setup Wizard -> Hourly tab)
  4. Require users to sign their time and supervisors to approve employee time prior to running payroll or archiving project time. (Electronic Signatures are enabled in the user’s Settings)
  5. Enable supervisor email notification of new alerts. (My Account)
  6. Restrict users from creating or modifying projects. Only administrators should be allowed access to this functionality. (User’s Settings)
  7. Supervisors should not be allowed to add, edit or deactivate users. This function should be restricted to administrators. (Supervisor’s Settings)
  8. Supervisors should be discouraged from modifying their subordinate’s time. If possible, given the constraints of your organization, you may remove the ability of a supervisor to modify time, leaving such duties to account administrators. Users should generally make their own changes to their own timesheets.