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In order to ensure your employees are who and where they say they are, you can set your account to require verification of either location or identity. This can be done by either:

  • Tracking the geolocation - This feature must be used with the mobile site and is best for employees who work away from an office.

  • Snapping a photo - This feature is best for employees that work in locations where the manager is not present and where there is a threat of employees clocking in for each other.

  • Tracking the IP address - This feature is best for employees who work in locations with static (unchanging) IP addresses.

All of these security settings are located on the Security tab of the Company Settings.

How to Setup Geolocation

Click Geolocation Security Settings. Simply select which users you would like to have use this feature. In order to acquire the location, employees need to clock in and out from their phones.

How to Setup IP Lockdown

Click IP Address Lock Down List. Your current IP address will display on the screen. Add that IP address in the IP Address field and click Save New Location. Your IP has been added to the list. Select which employees require the feature with the selections at the bottom.

How to Setup Photo Timestamp

Click Photo Timestamp. Simply select which employees you would like to have use this feature. Employees using Photo Timestamp will not be able to clock in or out from the mobile site, but they can still use their phones on the full site.