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Two Ways to Enter Time

You can enter time onto your hourly timesheet in two ways:

  • Clocking in and out in real-time
  • Using the Time Entry form for standard time and time-off (may be restricted for standard time entries)

Real Time Clock Punches

Use the Clock-In/Out buttons to punch the clock. You can do this from within your account or from the login screen with two exceptions:

  • Users who are required to use Photo Timestamp must log in before clocking in
  • Users who are required to use GPS location tracking must use the mobile web site

Taking Paid Breaks

If you’ve been instructed to record your paid breaks, you will see a paid break button just below the clock in/out button. Click the button when you take your breaks. You don’t need to click anything when you come back.

Taking Unpaid Breaks and Lunches

In most cases, you will clock in and out for lunches using the red clock out button when you leave and the green clock in button when you return.

Sometimes, employers prefer that you don’t clock in and out for lunch at all. If your employer set up an automatic lunch deduction, you don’t need to clock out. They should let you know if this is the case.

Using the Time Entry Form for Time Entries and Time-Off Requests

To enter a full shift or day off, use the Time Entry form, accessed by clicking the tab at the top of the timesheet.

  • Select the type of time (standard hourly, salaried, or time-off)
  • Enter the time and any other required options
  • Click Save New Record to record the time to your timesheet

Clocking In/Out With Photo Timestamp

In order to clock in or out with Photo Timestamp, you must first login to your account. If you are using a mobile device, you must log in using the full site on your mobile device.

Click the Clock In button and then allow your browser to share your photo. You might see the photo sharing popup in the upper left hand corner. Depending on which browser you use the message will look something like these:

Once you click Share or Allow, you should see your image in the video screen. You can then click Take Photo. You are clocked in! Follow the same steps to clock out.

Clocking Out With Account Codes

When you are ready to clock out, either at the end of your shift, for lunch, or just to switch jobs, click the Clock Out button.

Next, select the Account Code that should be associated with that time. Don’t forget to click Save Changes!