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With our Geolocation feature, employers can track the exact location from which users clock in and out. Each time users click the Clock In/Out buttons, they will be prompted to accept geolocation sharing. The location is then saved along with the clock punch. Administrators and select supervisors can run reports over a time period, and related to a central location.

It’s important to note that geolocation tracking uses any one of several tools for tracking a user’s location. This may or may not include GPS. (GPS Time Tracking is not, technically, GPS tracking, although that’s how most people refer to it. Real GPS tracking would involve the installation of a GPS tracking device, say on someone’s vehicle.)

With geolocation, a smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet uses the software and hardware installed on it combined with its settings to gain location data. At any given time and for various reasons, it may choose to use GPS, cell tower triangulation, WI-FI positioning, or even the device’s IP address to determine coordinates. Geolocation will work better on some devices and at certain times and places than others.

Our location data is always going to be the best possible data that any device can produce and, most of the time it will be good, usable data. But there are going to be some junk entries from time to time. That is just a limitation of the technology at present.