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Administrators and select supervisors can view a user’s clock punch coordinates in two places:

  • On the user’s timesheet - Click the plus sign next to the entry you are curious about. Beside the geolocation coordinates is the accuracy reading. Our software aims for an accuracy of 100 meters or less but sometimes the system is not able to lock on the location at that level of accuracy. This is why we report the accuracy to you because there may be occasions when the user appears to be outside of the desired location, when really he or she was within it. Consider the accuracy reading when viewing the coordinates. If the accuracy number is high, you should disregard the geolocation associated with the punch. In this case, the location we retrieved is not accurate. To see the clock punch on a map, click the link to view the Clock In/Out Map. You will see a pin on the map where the geolocation reading was reported.
  • On the Location Report - You can view the location of all or a group of users together over a date range. On the Reports page select Location Report. Check the box to include geolocation information. If you include location and distance information, then you should also type in the desired address (you can only view the distance from one address at a time). Select your date range, users, and type of record. When you click View Report, a map will load with pins representing all of your user’s clock punches for that date range.