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Our Human Resources Documents offer a simple, uniform way to keep track of an employee's performance with a number of useful pre-built forms. The four available documents are:

  • Performance Review (customizable to cover specific durations)
  • Commendation/Recognition Letter
  • Disciplinary Action Report
  • Termination Letter

Create Documents

Access these documents by either clicking the user's name from the Dashboard and then the Human Resources button or, from the Human Resources tab on the Dashboard,  click the digit beside Saved Performance Documents in the far right column. Select the document you wish to create. The page will reload with the document template. Fill out the document with as much or as little information as needed and click Save This Report.

View Documents

Only administrators and select supervisors can see these documents. From the user's HR Docs page, they are available for download as a PDF, on screen viewing, editing, and deleting. PDF documents contain signature fields that users can sign.