Accessing Referred Client Accounts

In order to access the account of a referred client, you’ll need a dedicated user in that client’s account. The client can create a supervisor or admin-level user account for you at any time. Since each such user account requires a unique email address to use as its login username, you may need to create a “dummy,” or fake, email address for this purpose—especially if you have referred multiple clients. You can create a fake email address by simply making up a new address that no one is already using.

For example, suppose your company is called Jim’s Accounting and uses “” for email. If your client is called Big Shoes Inc., you could decide to use a dummy email address that looks something like this:

You would tell your client to create the account using this email address, even though the address doesn’t really exist. This address would then be used as your username when accessing the Big Shoes client account.

One-Click Access to Client Accounts

You can log into a client account directly from your ProPartner account after completing a brief setup with your client’s assistance. To set up access:

  1. Ensure that your client’s account is associated with your ProPartner account. If your client account appears on one of the tabs in your ProPartner dashboard, you’re ready to go. If not, you will need to contact to complete this step.
  2. Ensure that your client creates a dedicated user account for you within their account as described above. The user account should be supervisor- or admin-level with appropriate permissions for you to complete your responsibilities.
  3. The client will need to select you as the ProPartner in their account:
    1. The client will log into their account.
    2. They will click Tools in their left menu and select the Link to a ProPartner option.
    3. They will select your name from the drop-down menu and click the Link Account button.
  4. Once this process is complete, you’ll see a login link to your dedicated user in your client’s account on your ProPartner dashboard. Click the Login link to log in!

Note: If you have referred multiple clients, you should be sure to log out of each account prior to switching between them to avoid accidents or problems. It is possible to manipulate data in the wrong account by losing track of which account you have accessed. For this reason, it’s always best to explicitly log out.

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