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You can have company-wide conversations using the Brags & Breakthroughs feature. After you enable it on the first page of the Setup Wizard, it will always be present at the top of the Dashboard on an admin’s account. Basic users will also see the Brags & Breakthroughs bar at the top of their record sheets.

Your team might want to use this feature to make note of good work that employees are doing, the status of ongoing projects, changes in company or store hours, business milestones, etc.

Enter Updates

When you enter an update on Brags & Breakthroughs, the entire workforce can see it. Just enter your update and click ‘Update’. When users log in, they will see a number next to the Brags & Breakthroughs button, indicating that there is a new message.

Read and Sort Updates

Click the Brags & Breakthroughs button to show the options. Updates are organized like a Facebook wall, so in time, updates will get buried. You can sort them, though. If there is a message you think you want to save, star it. You can also search the text within the updates to find the one you’re looking for.