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Project time can be entered in three different ways:

  1. Time Entry Form
  2. Timers
  3. Week Entry Table

Time Entry Form

On the Time Entry tab you can enter the time in the hours and minutes fields or enter a decimal value in the hours field. Select the Customer, Project, Account Code, and add work notes. Administrators and select supervisors can see bill and pay rates. Basic users never see this information.


On the Timers tab select the desired Customer, Project, and Account Codes, and then click Start New Timer. You can pause or stop the timer anytime. You may have multiple timers running at the same time, although the default is to pause one timer when you start another. When users clock out, the timers will stop. They can then be restarted when the user clocks back in. If you don’t want the system to do this, the feature can be disabled in My Account.

Week View Table

You can enter hours on several projects at a time and over a period of up to 7 days using the Week View table. You can enter time for any day during the displayed week by clicking the field and entering the hours on the manual entry form that drops down. The default work start date is Sunday but you can select your own start date or click the Next Week and Last Week links. You can also copy an entire week to the next week.