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You can run Expense Reports for any user over a date range. A few examples of the types of reports you can run include:

  1. All expenses for a user over a specified period of time (for reimbursement)
  2. All expenses for a certain Project or Customer (for invoicing)
  3. All mileage for one or more users over a date range (for reimbursement)
  4. All expenses for a certain Account Code (if you setup Account Codes to reflect tax codes like Office, Entertainment, etc., you can sort by these codes to determine spending in one or more categories)

These are just a few ideas. The flexibility of selections and groupings allow for a wide variety of reports to suit your company's needs.

Reports can be narrowed down by:

  • User
  • Customer
  • Project
  • Account/Department Codes
  • Event
  • Vendor

Reports can be grouped by:

  • Group by Employee
  • Group by Supervisor
  • Group by Customer
  • Group by Projects
  • Group by Account/Department Codes
  • Group by Vendor
  • Group by Event
  • Group by Date
  • Group by None

Run the Expense Report

To run these reports, click Reports in the left menu and then click Customizable Reports under the Mileage and Expense heading. Select your date range and then narrow down your parameters with the available options.

View and Download Your Report

You can view a detailed or summary report onscreen. The summary just shows totals for your selections. The detailed report shows each and every entry. You can also download the report as a PDF, a CSV, or as a QuickBooks CSV file.