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The Location and & Tardy Reports are combined into one report.  Click Location & Tardy reports from the Reports page and select your date range and users. You can exclude location information from the report but the tardy information will always be visible.

Location Report

To see location information, check the box to Include geolocation information. You may also select the box to include location and distance information from a central point.

Tardy Report

You can see how early or late your employees get to work using either their assigned shift (setup in the user's settings, on the Options tab) or their schedule. The assigned shift is used for employees who work the same schedule each day. If your employees work a variable schedule, you will have to enter their shifts in the schedule to see valid data here.

View the Report

On the report you will see the date and time of the punch, the IP address where the punch was made, and how early or late the employee was for their shift.

If you included geolocation information, you will also see a map where the clock punches were entered and, if you included distance information, you will also see distance and accuracy information in the table below the map.

Showing on the map will be all of your user’s clock punches for the date range. The yellow arrow is the location, if you entered one. Hovering over a pin shows who clocked in at that location and the date and time of the punch. The table shows distance, accuracy, and other information about the clock punch. Click the plus sign to the left of any entry to view the geolocation coordinates and map.