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It is possible to run a payroll report and see an overlapping records error. This kind of thing doesn’t happen very often as only very specific actions can cause it. We offer a report that finds them for you.

What Causes Overlapping Records?

The scenarios are few and rare. Here are two:

Scenario 1: Let’s say a user enters some time manually for this afternoon but then unexpectedly comes to work in the morning, working through the afternoon. When she clocks out, there will be two timestamps for the afternoon: the one she entered manually and the one she entered by clocking in and out.

Scenario 2: A user simply forgets to clock out one day, enters time manually the next day, and then clocks out the next morning.

Run the Report

Click Overlapping Records on the Reports page, select the same date range that you used for the payroll report that originally detected them, select the user which the report pinpointed or just run the report for all users, and click View Report.

This will show the timestamps in question. You can then return to the user’s timecard and either delete or edit the record.

Now you can run your payroll!