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Payroll reports calculate data from users’ hourly timesheets. The reports can be viewed, emailed, or downloaded from the Pay Period Reports page and then sent to the payroll company of your choice or exported into QuickBooks.

Closing a Pay Period – Creating a Pay Period Report

Closing a pay period and generating a Pay Period Report accomplishes the following:

  • It removes all timestamps from the timecards that fall within the pay period and places them in the archives where they can no longer be edited (unless reopened)
  • It saves a Pay Period Report that can be exported in various file formats for payroll processing

Check for errors and review alerts

Before closing a pay period, managers should examine timesheets for errors.

If you enable user edits in the Company Settings and if you enable electronic signatures in the user's settings, you should only need to quickly look over the timesheets. When users are allowed to make change requests and sign their entries, errors occur less frequently.

Run the report

Once timesheets have been verified for accuracy, click Close Payroll Period in the left menu. Select the users you wish to include in the report. The default setting will include all users. You have the option to run the report for your scheduled payroll period (set on the Hourly tab of the Company Settings) or select a flexible date range.

With the parameters set, click to view the Preliminary Report. This page displays your data before saving the report. You will see the summary of hours and pay and a list of included users. Specific details for each user can be viewed by clicking the plus signs to the left of the users’ names. The Pay Period Report will reflect all settings and preferences including time rounding, automatic deductions, and overtime. After reviewing the Preliminary Report, click Save & Close the Pay Period.

View, Export & Email Reports

Click Reports in the left menu and then click Pay Period Reports. This is where all of your reports are saved. You'll see the totals summarized for each report. For more details, click the view icon.

To download or email a Pay Period Report, click the Export icon and then the desired download format from the drop-down menu. Then click to Download or Email.

If the download format you need is not present in that dropdown menu, Click Company Settings and then the Data Export tab and look for it there. If you still don't see what you need, contact us for help. We may be able to develop a custom download for you.

Re-Open a Pay Period Report

You can undo Pay Period Reports by clicking the Re-open icon beside the desired report. This returns all timestamp records to their respective open timesheets.

The entire report can be undone when you click the Re-open icon. To undo the report for a single user, select that user from the dropdown menu above the list of reports and then click the Re-open icon for the desired report.

Note that when you re-open a report which contained a deactivated user, that user will be automatically reactivated but disabled. You will need to deactivate the user again from the user's Settings page.

Add a User to a Pay Period Report

Users can also be added back into an existing report after corrections or adjustments have been made. To do this, click Close Payroll Period in the left menu, mark the bubble Select Specific Users, and then find that user in your list. Next select the bubble "Update an existing payroll report", find the report in the dropdown menu, and then continue to review and finally save the report.