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You can run any type of project report you need with the Customizable Report under the Project Reports heading on the Reports page.

The only mandatory selection for this report is the date range. You then have the option to select your users, Customers, Projects, and Account Codes or leave them alone, which selects all in each category. 

Use these selections to create reports for groups. Grouping results gives you a lot of flexibility with invoicing and internal analysis. Your grouping options include:

  • Group by User
  • Group by Job Title
  • Group by Supervisor
  • Group by Customer
  • Group by Project
  • Group by Account/Department Code
  • Group by Date
  • Group By None

Create an Invoice for a Customer

Run the report for a single client and then group the results by project. This way, the client can see all of the projects that were billed once you create your invoice.

Run Reports for Analysis

If you group by user, you will see how much time all of your users worked on a particular project or under a particular Account Code category. The many options can create a variety of reports.

View and Download Your Report

You can view a detailed or summary report onscreen. The summary just shows totals for your selections. The detailed report shows each and every entry. You can also download the report as a PDF, a CSV, or as a QuickBooks CSV file.