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Users can record their hourly time using our online system in two ways:

  • By punching the clock
  • By using the Time Entry form (can be restricted)

Real-time Clock Punches

Most users clock-in to work with the green and red, real-time Clock In/Out buttons, located in the upper left hand corner of every hourly user's account. If the user does not see these buttons, access to the hourly time sheet is probably disabled. Click the user's name from the Dashboard to enable Hourly Time & Attendance.

Restrict and enable access to change requests

Users may be allowed (or restricted) to request changes to these clock punches. These change requests will need to be approved or denied by a manager before closing payroll. Clock In/Out restrictions can be setup anytime in the Company Settings, on the Hourly tab.

The Time Entry Form

You can also enter time on a user's Time Entry form. The form is located on the Time Entry tab on every user's timesheet. Administrators and supervisors with proper permissions can always use this form but it can be restricted for basic users in the Company Settings.

Enable and restrict access

To enable globally, visit the Company Settings on the Hourly tab and enable the setting to allow access to the Hourly Time Entry form.

If there are any users for which you would like to restrict access, visit the users' Settings page by clicking their names on the Dashboard and then the Options tab. Set the setting to limit to 0 hours for manual time entries. This way, users cannot enter any time on the Time Entry form and can only use the Clock In/Out buttons to log hourly time.