Track Time Off & Accrual Balances With Ease

Track accrued time off balances and usage history from our user-friendly interface. Employees make time off requests that go straight to managers for approval. Check coverage by comparing competing requests with our time off calendar. Powerful usage and balance reporting can bring your organization's sick and vacation time into sharp focus.

Employee-Initiated Leave Requests

Take the burden off of managers with user-initiated time off requests. Users enter their own time off records, leaving managers with the simple task of approving or denying the requests. Managers can compare requests against available balances as they make their decisions.

Set up accrual rates, hours to accrue per year, currently accrued hours, and a cap.

Configurable Accrual Categories & Rates

Customize accruable time off categories like vacation and sick time, and non-accruable values like holiday and jury duty. You can use any of the standard accrual rates (i.e. yearly, monthly, pay period, etc.) including 'by-hours-worked' for part-time employees. All accruable time off categories can be capped with a maximum allowable balance for use-it-or-lose-it policies.

Supervisor Approvals

Time off requests are reviewed and approved by supervisors, giving managers total visibility and control over employee absences. The dates of the requests help supervisors determine which employees asked for time off first.

Real-Time Reporting

Run time off reports for any leave category, like sick or vacation, for single employees or groups of employees. Compare how much time off employees take with customizable reporting and leverage the power of real-time insight.

Time Off Calendar

Spot leave conflicts easily with the time off calendar and approve or deny them right from the calendar screen. View the leave schedule at a glance, by week, month, or year to optimize your scheduling.

Employees can view their team's time off on the calendar.

As we have recently added some additional employees, it became necessary for me to monitor employee hours and paid time off - my wall calendar wasn't cutting it. After narrowing it down to 3 different programs, we decided to implement because their site seemed the easiest to navigate and they offered a trial period. The web-based employee login allowed for easy clock in and out as well as a clear accounting of the time worked. Employees can monitor their PTO time available and request time off through the system.

Dorothy, Manager, DFH Transportation

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