Employees track project time easily with three ways to enter project time.

Project Time Tracking Software for Billing or Job Costing

Whether you are tracking hundreds of projects for client billing or just need to get a handle on employee activity, our software is a match. Employees love our user-friendly project time tracking software. Easily integrate project time with QuickBooks. Your bookkeeper will love it too!

Flexible Data Entry Options

Different users have different habits. Our software accommodates everyone, offering multiple data entry options. Users can track projects in real time with our timers feature, make single project entries daily, or fill in their timesheet at the end of the week. They can track project time and expenses from their desks or on-the-go, using any internet-enabled device.

Employees can track projects and job costing on Android and iPhone.

Link Expenses to Projects

Link expenses directly to projects and customers for billing. Differentiate between reimbursable employee expenses and billable expenses.

Supervisor Approvals

Supervisors can resolve user-initiated edit requests on employee timesheets prior to billing or other processing. Records are marked 'Approved' so that upper management knows they're ready.

Data Access Settings

Set access to projects and customers on a per user basis. Allow or limit the creation of new ones. Configure projects and customers so that they can only be used in preset combinations. This makes billing easy and accurate.

Billing & Cost Rates

Employees might bill at different rates depending on capability, while projects bill at different rates depending on worth. Our flexible bill and pay rate functionality allows you to setup rates by employee, project, or both. You can also limit who sees financial data to specific people.

Customize bill rates and pay rates based on the employee.

Powerful Audit Capability

We track every change to every record in a comprehensive, easily accessible audit trail. Your protection begins with good recordkeeping.

Billable & Un-Billable Entries

Sometimes employee time isn't billable. Sometimes it is. Mark which entries are billable or make all projects billable by default.

Customize project reports based on need and export them to PDF and QuickBooks.

Real-Time Reporting & Exporting With QuickBooks

Run up-to-the-minute, customizable reports anytime and then export that project data in formats including PDF, text, spreadsheets like Excel and Numbers, and accounting packages like QuickBooks.

Our Architectural firm has benefited from the ease of timesheets including access to software/app from mobile devices, in the office, time management & new project cost projections. We've tried other programs to no avail. Timesheets is #1!

Kimberly, Architect, KTM Architect

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