Online Employee Timesheets

Manage your employee’s timesheets in the cloud with office restrictions and GPS tracking.
View employee time and expense data all from one screen.

Time Clock Activity in Real-Time

See who’s clocked in right from the Dashboard. Review real-time totals on the timesheet. Run reports anytime on up-to-the-minute data. From the office or on the move, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on at work.

Employees view and track time on their own timesheet accounts.

Employees Love Time Tracking in the Cloud

Employees are quick to adopt this easy office solution, punching in to work with just one click. They can categorize their timestamps, leave work notes, and even request time clock adjustments – all from one simple screen. This efficiency and accuracy pays off with reduced payroll!

GPS Tracking for Mobile Devices

Employers can be confident that employees who clock in with our mobile site are where they’re supposed to be. GPS tracking (geolocation) records the location of employees who work out in the field. The data is instantly available to managers back in the office. You can run reports and see all your employees’ location data integrated with Google maps. Don’t want employees clocking in and out from their phones? No problem. Our service can be locked by IP address.

Track time from a mobile phone with GPS.

Supervisor Time Sheet Approvals

Managers can resolve time off and edit requests individually or en masse. They can also approve employee timesheets prior to closing the pay period for payroll.

Security Settings & Audit Protections

Customized permission settings help you avoid “buddy punching”, punches from unauthorized locations, and even early clock in. Our audit trail keeps track of every single change made to a record.

Integrate Timesheets with QuickBooks accounting software.

Payroll Reports & QuickBooks Integrations

Run reports at the end of the payroll period and send them off to your payroll processor with the click of a button. integrates with QuickBooks and offers exports for popular payroll software like Paychex and ADP. We can also create customized export files for your accounting system or provide a few tailored suggestions to help you select the right payroll company for your specific needs.

Location, Tardy, & Overtime Reports

You can’t increase profitability if you don’t know where to find opportunities to improve efficiency. Our intuitive reports help you identify where you're losing money so you can plug the leaks.

Run reports on employees’ location and see it on a map.

Our company is able to clock in/out nearly 100 employees throughout several states, including lunch breaks, and breaks in time due to AM/PM shifts with ease and accuracy. The implementation to import it to our payroll system due to the seemingly endless codes we have to apply to all of our staff and location, allows us to track and budget each location we have.

Eileen, Office Manager, Black Rocket Productions

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