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Tag: employee retention

Management Strategies for Improving Team Dynamics

Happy team environment

Contributed by Shachar Shamir

For businesses of all sizes, strong relationships between team members is the most important foundation to the success of team projects. While no one is expected to be best friends with their colleagues, strengthening your team’s ability to collaborate and openly communicate with one another can prevent projects from stalling, while creating a more positive work environment. Here are some of the ways managers can improve team dynamics in order to speed up the workflow, increase overall efficiency, and boost employee morale.

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I Like My Job but I’m Leaving Anyway, Say Young Workers Today

A recent study by Mercer found that 42% of workers today are ready to quit their jobs even though they’re basically happy with them. They may be proud to work for the organizations and have a strong feeling of accomplishment but they are looking for greener pastures anyway. This is more the case with younger workers and senior management than with the older workforce and non-management workers.

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Reduce Employee Turnover: Let Them Have Fun

Ever have one of those bosses who guides the team back to business a minute into goofing off? From the boss’s perspective, he’s paying a lot of money for this chuckle, a chuckle his employees could just save for after work. It’s like an extra paid break and that’s just not fair, right? But from the employees’ perspective, the time they spend at work is nearly half of their waking lives and the expectation to work seriously the whole time, leave friendships outside the office, and only look up from work once per day at lunch is the fast track to burn out.