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(800) 770 4959

Way Better Pricing


Over 65,000 other organizations have discovered Timesheets.com!

Month to month or annual service is available, and no credit card is required to start a free trial.

Way Better Pricing


Over 65,000 other organizations have discovered Timesheets.com!

Month to Month or Annual Service Available

Register now and we'll help you choose dates for your trial period.
The trial is fully functional. No credit card is required.

Included with all Customer Accounts

Over 1,000

5-Star Reviews

Over 1,000,000

Expenses Tracked

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Still have questions?

What is a freelancer?
Freelancers are people who track only their own time and expenses. Freelancers work for themselves, or just want to keep track of personal information. Anyone can register as an account as a freelancer for personal use. Businesses who need to track employees or contractors will need to purchase users.

What is a 'user' and does the price vary based on the user's level?
A user is an account Administrator, Supervisor, Employee or Contractor. Timesheets.com offers flat user pricing, so the cost is the same regardless of the type of user.

What if I don't like my free trial?
No problem! Your free trial expires after a few weeks and that's it.

What is included in my free trial?
You get access to all our great features during the trial, including unlimited live support - a benefit you keep when you become a paying customer.

Are there any hidden charges?
After your free trial, you'll pay only the charge per user listed above unless you add the Photo Timestamp security option, which is an additional $1 per user per month.

Do you have options for seasonal companies? I don't need all my people the whole year.
We bill monthly, so you only pay for months you need.

What is Photo Timestamp?
Photo Timestamp is a feature that takes a picture of your users each time they punch the clock from desktop computers. We charge a little extra for this option because we have to store lots of photos.

Can I pay by check?
Clients may pay for annual service by check. Timesheets.com is unable to accept checks for month to month clients. Contact us for an invoice or you may send a check for annual service to PO Box 1392, Discovery Bay, CA 94505.

How do I get a freelance account?
Sign up for a free trial and then you can activate your account as a Freelance (free) account. Free accounts do not include live support but freelancers may purchase a support option for $108 per year.

My staff tracks time, but I don't track time myself. Do I count as a paid user?
Every account comes with one free user. Usually that's for the account owner but could be given to an outsourced accountant or bookkeeper. Everyone else who uses the account counts as a paid user whether they are a regular employee, contractor, supervisor or account administrator. All users are billed at the rates shown above.

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