Simple Time Tracking for your Clients' Employees and Contractors

Our time & expense tracking, HR, and scheduling tools help your clients run their business. Join the ProPartner™ Program and we'll help them get started.

A Trusted Partner for Your Trusted Clients

We understand that your clients are your lifeblood and we want to help you nurture those relationships by offering them a service that helps them support profitability and manage staff productivity. Join us and give your clients the tools they need to make their job (and yours!) easier.

ProPartner Benefits

We make it easy for you to refer clients.

  • A free administrator license on each of your client accounts

  • Optional 20% commission on referred clients for TWO YEARS

  • Unlimited free support from your dedicated ProPartner Program Manager and our friendly 5-Star Customer Support Team

  • No training or certifications needed - we do all the work.

Client Benefits

We handle your client's evaluation with attention and respect.


  • Personalized setup for each client's account

  • Flexible free trials to suit each client's decision timeline

  • Customized training for managers and staff

  • Ongoing free support

Make a difference.

User-Friendly Tools in Your ProPartner Account

Your ProPartner account is simple, easy to use, and has just what you need to manage client referrals:

  • Refer clients directly from your ProPartner account

  • Monitor the progress of your referrals

  • See your client commissions

  • Link directly to client accounts from your dashboard

  • Monitor your conversion tracking


Signals That Your Clients Need

With, you can help your clients recover from these common business problems:

  • Late or incomplete timesheets – Late timesheets waste everyone's time. Tracking hours in real-time eliminates unwelcome surprises right before payroll or billing.

  • Inflated staffing cost - Manual time tracking increases your client's #1 expense. Accurate online time tracking can significantly reduce payroll. (See staffing cost calculator)

  • Uncertain employee location - Doubts arise when clients can't see their employees. With location tracking, clients will know their staff is on site while they're on the clock.

  • Careless expense reporting - Expenses can be a bookkeeping nightmare. provides real-time recording and receipt upload.

  • Time off discrepancies - Disgruntled employees put your clients at risk. Employers appreciate our user-friendly PTO request and approval process.

  • Compliance risks - Sloppy recordkeeping is a ticking timebomb. protects your clients with an extensive audit trail and comprehensive reporting features.

Client success starts here. Become a ProPartner.