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Tools and Resources for Small Businesses Without HR Departments

woman managing business

Contributed by Sophia Conti

Small businesses are used to running on the bare essentials – and too often, those essentials do not include streamlined and well-planned human resources functions. Even larger businesses fail to establish HR protocols and standard operating procedures, believing it to be too expensive to implement for the minimal purpose it will serve. This often stems from a limited understanding of what human resources can accomplish and the benefits it yields for employer and employee alike.

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Should Hiring Managers Care About Resume Objectives?

Resume Objective

Contributed by Jackie Roberson

The resume is a time-honed document that efficiently and effectively tells hiring managers what they need to know. Everything from the economical negative space to the curt job descriptions is clearly designed to maximize information uptake while decreasing time necessary to determine an applicant’s suitability for a position — everything, that is, except the objective.

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What You Can Say In an Employment Reference

Manager on the phone giving reference

When employees move on to bigger and better things, relocate, or get laid off, former employers can expect reference checks from new job prospects. Those phone calls, though, can be a little nerve wracking. Employers don’t know what information they can legally disclose and so they end up offering no more than dates of employment, job title, and maybe salary.

Indeed, in an age when harassment and defamation are often retaliated against in court, it is wise to be careful when talking about former employees. But what is actually legal may surprise you.

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5 Critical Benefits of Leveraging Company Culture to your Hiring Plans

Flexible and productive working environmentContributed by Ryan Naylor, CEO

While past generations were just grateful to have jobs in the midst of war and depression, the Millennials of today want much more than to just pay the bills. Having been raised in a time of financial prosperity and numerous advances in technology, their focus is not on job security. Instead, it’s on things like having a job they love, at a company with values they appreciate, using state-of-the-art technology, benefiting from awesome perks, feeling a sense of community and purpose, and more.

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7 Tips For Employers Hiring Recent Graduates

Contributed by Michael Klazema with

The next time your company has an open position, count how many applications you receive from recent college graduates. Chances are, the number you end up with will be quite sizable – a sign of just ow many young people are currently looking to enter the job market for the first time. While some employers steer away from hiring this segment of the workforce, preferring to look for older applicants with more professional experience, human resources departments everywhere are starting to change their tune and take chances on younger and less proven workers.

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