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Accruals By Hours Worked Got an Upgrade!

The By Hours Worked accrual rate is one that some employers must use to satisfy state and local sick time requirements. The laws that require employers to offer sick time also mandate the way in which that time accrues. By hours worked is the fairest accrual rate for all types of employees and the one that employees must use to be compliant.

It is also a useful accrual rate for part time or temporary hourly employees because it helps keep employees from earning too much time off at times when they may not be working a regular schedule.

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Why You Need a Sick Time Policy for Salaried Employees

Sick woman at work

Chances are, your company offers sick leave to full time employees, since nearly 80% of full-timers get some sort of sick benefit. But if you don’t, there are a few reasons you might want to consider it.

First, it makes it easier to deal with the legalities of exempt employee salary deductions (more on that in a moment). Second, the office is just healthier when there aren’t sick people wandering the halls. It may seem counter intuitive, but paying an employee to stay home when they’re sick benefits you and your company a great deal.


The New California Paid Sick Leave Law

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Effective July 1st, 2015, employers in California must offer their employees paid sick leave. This applies to all employers, regardless of size or number of employees.

The law sets guidelines about accruals and usage. This is not intended to interfere with a company’s current policy but to provide a minimum sick leave requirement to establish a sick leave policy for companies that didn’t already have one.

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How to Improve Productivity in Your Office by Reducing Sick Leave

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Contributed by Seb Atkinson.

In the US, employees take an average of 4.9 days off each year in sick leave, according to research by PwC. If you’re a small business, these days can really add up – if you have 100 employees for example, that could mean an average of 490 days are lost each year due to sickness. As a result, it can really pay to reduce this figure and improve productivity by empowering your staff to live healthier, happier lives. Read on to discover how to achieve this.

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Mandatory Paid Sick Time

Company paid sick leave is already government mandated in various places around the country.  But whether the government should require businesses to foot the bill for sick days is a heated debate. Employers say they can’t afford any more financial burdens. Employees say they can’t afford to miss work. If employees get the flu, for example, they’ve got to stay home. If they stay home, they don’t get paid.

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