The Software and the Team

About the Company was originally developed as a side project of some Silicon Valley web designers trying to fill their own time tracking needs. There weren’t a whole lot of online time tracking options back in the early 2000s and the few that did exist weren't very good. They felt that the only way to handle this problem was to develop their own. Within a few years, their software grew into much more than just a side project. In 2004, they launched that project under the name, which later became the you know today.

Meet the Leadership Team

Since the very beginning, the team at has been committed to developing and improving the software as technology advances and as customer needs evolve. With a tenured leadership team that is committed to the success of the service, the changing landscape is always top of mind. The team draws from that history as they work on new updates and build new features.


Joel Slatis, President & CEO

As the founder and sole funder of, Joel is committed to the success of the company in a very personal way. Unlike most CEOs, Joel works with customers every day, answering their questions, offering live demonstrations, setting up their QuickBooks integration, and listening and planning their features requests. Behind the scenes, he is the gel between departments. He works closely with the CTO, marketing director, and the sales team. When and if he takes a break, he plays guitar and roller hockey.

CTO Anthony Galano

Anthony Galano, Chief Technology Officer

Lead Developer from the software’s inception, Anthony is responsible for the design and implementation of new features. A San Jose State graduate in computer science, he ensures customer’s information is accessible and private. Anthony writes all the code that calculates payroll, he manages the database, and keeps the website up and running all the time. He’s a father and a musician in a cover band on the side but devotes the rest of his time to the success of


Peggy Emch, Director of Marketing

Peggy joined the company in 2009, when it was only four years old. She quickly recognized the need to establish branding and build product awareness. With degrees in math and philosophy from CU, she is a master organizer and communicator. She created the blog and keeps business owners informed and thinking about important issues. She writes the support site in a way that is accessible to the average customer. She has an honest approach to marketing and writes and designs the website very candidly. Writing music, running, and spending time with her kids provide the clarity that she shares with the community.

Customer Support Manager Danielle Feiger

Danielle Feiger, Customer Success Manager

With her long tenure at, Danielle has acquired a deep knowledge of the software service, which makes her a valuable resource for the team. Danielle inspires the whole customer service team to listen to customer needs and offer the most relevant solutions, as quickly as possible. As a graduate of San Francisco State with a degree in Sales and Marketing she has always been passionate about discovering creative solutions and working with people. She recharges on the weekend with a good book, love from her kids, and the occasional trip to Lake Tahoe.

Partner Program Manager Raya Wasser

Raya Wasser, Partner Program Manager

Raya joined the team to help natural partners like CPAs, HR Consultants, Small Business Consultants, and franchises and associations identify ways to help their clients manage productivity and profitability. With her background in payroll services and global business development, Raya helps new partners and their clients feel confident about transitioning to the unique benefits available to them at

Charitable opportunities and non-profits is pleased to offer a non-profit discount. We are a proud member of the local Silicon Valley business community and we support various local, national, and international causes through charitable donations and discounted or free services.

The following are a few of the charities supports:

charities timesheets supports
African Wildlife Foundation
The Wild Animal Sanctuary