Time Off Tracking & Accrual Management

Track accrued time off balances, review usage history, and run time off reports with our user-friendly interface. First, employees make time off requests that go straight to managers for approval. This way, employees don't have to wait endlessly for a decision. Then, managers review the requests and compare competing requests with our time off calendar. Finally, managers approve or deny the requests. This deducts the time from the employee's time off bank. It's that simple!

Configurable Accrual Categories & Rates

Customize accruable time off categories like sick and vacation time, and non-accruable values like holiday and jury duty. You can use any of the standard accrual rates like yearly, monthly, pay period, and by-hours-worked to track accruing leave time. And don't worry about time accruing indefinitely. All accruable time off categories can be capped with a maximum allowable balance so that time stops accruing at a pre-set limit.

Employee-Initiated Time Off Requests

Timesheets.com takes the burden off of managers with user-initiated time off requests. Employees enter their own time off requests so that managers just have the simple task of approving or denying them. Managers can compare requests against available balances on our time off calendar as they make their decisions.

Time Off Calendar

You can check for leave conflicts easily with the time off calendar and then approve or deny time right from the calendar screen. View the leave schedule at a glance, by week, month, or year to optimize your time off tracking.

Supervisor Approvals

Supervisors within your company can review and approve time off. Just make sure and set their permissions to include time off approval. Never miss a leave-request again and gain total visibility and control over employee absences.

Real-Time Reporting

Run time off reports for any leave category, like sick or vacation time, any time of year. With our customizable reporting, you can see how much time off employees take so that you can efficiently manage your staff's leave.

time off calendar

State Mandated Paid Sick Leave Tracking

Many states and cities mandate paid sick leave, which accrues on a by-hours-worked basis. That's why you need a service that can track time off on a by-hours-worked basis with an annual cap. The cap limits the total accruable time in a twelve month period so that employees never accrue more than they're due. Once that cap is reached, the system stops adding time to the employee's time off bank. You can also allow or prohibit roll-overs from year to year. The by-hours-worked accrual rate can apply to other types of time too such as vacation time. 

Ready to start managing time off more efficiently?