Human Resources System Integrated With Your Time Tracking

Keep all your HR records in on place. With our HR system, you can manage your staff with standardized documentation, time tracking, leave tracking, document storage, and more.

human resources system for employee management

Employee Performance Documents

Employee documentation is important, no matter how big or small your company. Even without a full HR department, you can manage your employees' performance with our suite of standardized HR documents. View, create, and share performance documents with employees and then reference them later. You may find that you need the detailed information on employees down the road!

Private Note Taking

Have you ever wanted to take notes on an employee but had nowhere safe and private to store them? Our HR software offers a centralized, secure location where you can jot quick, private notes about your people. Collecting notes over time helps you be perpared for performance reviews. Rather than trying to remember a whole year's worth of details the hour before your meeting, you can just log in to the HR side of your human resources service and collect your thoughts quickly.

Audit Trail With Full Details on Records

Recordkeeping might be the most important part of your HR strategy as a small business owner because it can protect your business from labor lawsuits. Our human resources system records each action and saves it in the audit trail. You'll have complete and accurate history of records, just in case you ever need them.

Employee File Upload

The best part about having your human resources system integrated into your timekeeping system is that all your employee files are in one place. You can upload employment applications and any other employee-related document and store them in private employee files. Storing all your employee records in one place will give you peace of mind because if you ever need them, you know where to find them.

human resources file storage

Staff Communication

Communication is an important piece to a positive company culture. We offer many ways to communicate with employees. Managers can send private memos to employees. They can also send announcements to the whole company. When you let employees post their progress on our Brags and Breakthroughs wall, employees motivate each other to work hard and succeed.

Employee Training Materials

Employee accounts are easy to navigate but, just in case employees need a little extra help, we offer short training videos, walkthrough guides, and help pages. We know it's tough to learn something new so we do everything we can to help your people learn the system.

Fully Customizable Supervisor Settings

Our extensive supervisor settings allow you to setup your supervisors with the account access they need. Rather than granting total administrative access, you can selectively assign employees and account permissions. You can allow or restrict access to editing timesheets and settings, viewing financial data, approving records, and managing projects.

supervisor permissions settings

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