Free 'By Hours Worked' Time Off Accrual Calculator

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Sick and Vacation Time By Hours Worked

The By Hours Worked calculator determines how much time off your employee will accrue during the current work or payroll period. You'll need to know the number of hours worked by your employee during the period. You also need to know the number of hours that must be worked in order to accrue an hour of time off (e.g. if the employee earns 1 hour of time off for every 30 hours worked, you would enter '30' into the form at the right).

The Accural Eligibility Checker is a second tool that helps protect you from issuing time-off accruals to employees who have reached their annual cap. In other words, it keeps you from over-issuing time off.

But why do all this WORK by hand??

Let track time off usage and accruals. The government wants you to have 2 years of data records and even keeps track of the year to date usage and employee caps. Manual calculators like this work well, but they won't protect you in the event of labor disputes. Try and let us save you money, protect you, and simplify your life.