project time tracking for billing

Project Time Tracking Software for Billing or Job Costing

Whether you are tracking hundreds of projects for client billing or just need to get a handle on employee activity, our time tracker is a match. Employees love our project time tracking software because it's so user-friendly. You'll love it because of the robust reporting and the easy integration with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.

Flexible Time Entry Options

Employees don't all fit into a box and our time tracker doesn't either. We offer multiple ways to enter time on the timesheets so employees can record data the way they want to. As a result, your data will be more accurate. They can make single project entries daily, track projects in real time with our timers feature, or fill in their timesheet at the end of the week. They can track time and expenses from their desks or with mobile too - whatever makes it easier.

project time tracking app

Assign Expenses to Projects

Employees can assign expenses directly to projects and customers so that you have all the information you need for billing. Likewise, when you setup vendors, you'll be able to differentiate between reimbursable employee expenses and billable expenses. Your records will be so organized, billing will be more accurate and compiling your invoices will be easy.

Billing & Cost Rates

Employee bill rates may differ depending on ability, while project bill rates may differ depending on complexity. Whatever your needs, our flexible bill and cost rate functionality allows you to setup rates by employee, project, or both. This will help you manage your project budgets. But don't worry about the financial data. All the rates are behind the scenes so employees never see them.

customize billing and cost rates

Powerful Audit Capability

We track every change to every project time record in a comprehensive, easily accessible audit trail. Your protection begins with good timekeeping and recordkeeping processes.

Billable & Un-Billable Time

Sometimes employee time isn't billable. Sometimes it is. Mark which entries are billable or make all projects billable by default.

Real-Time Reporting & Exporting With QuickBooks

Run up-to-the-minute, customizable reports anytime and then export that project time in formats including PDF, text, spreadsheets like Excel and Numbers, and accounting packages like QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Project reporting with quickbooks

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