Free Sick, Vacation, and PTO Time Off Accrual Calculator

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Sick and Vacation Time Accruals By Predefined Accrual Rates

This accrual calculator determines how much time off your employee will accrue during the predefined work or payroll period. We also have a by hours worked accrual calculator if you need that.

But You Should Consider Using a Proper Time Off Tracker

Calculators like this one are handy and you're welcome to use it anytime, but if you're tracking time off for employees, you should be keeping records for audit purposes. The government wants you to keep 2 years of data. This is why we created to track time off usage and accruals. even keeps track of the year-to-date accrual usage and knows when the employee's cap has been reached. You can define your policy for your business and standardize how you do things. All this works to protect your interests in the event of labor disputes. Try and let us simplify your life.