Free Vacation Accrual Planner / Catch Up Calculator

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This Calculator Allows You to Anticipate Your Future Balance or Catch Up Past Accrual Balances

Once in a while, it's nice to know how many hours of time off you'll have accrued for a future vacation date. This calculator can help. Just enter how many hours of vacation you normally accrue per year and how many accrual periods out you'd like to plan. If you know your starting, or current, balance you can enter that as well. 


Also, you can use this calculator to catch up past accruals. In this case, you'd enter how many hours you accrue per year and how many past weeks of time you need to catch up. Can Automatically Calculate and Track Accruals and Time Off

Let track time off usage and accruals. even keeps track of the year to date accrual and knows when the employee's cap has been reached. Manual calculators like this work well, but you need to manually keep a history or accrued time and work time. Try and let us simplify your life.